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Originally Posted by geofri View Post
Well, I dropped this thread like it was hot!

Where were we?

Had no idea there was a sea world there.

They are. I don't.

I don't have the slightest bit of experience in the industry( huge setback!)
Graduated with a BS in Marketing, and just got certified as a pipeline weld inspector this past month.

I have no contacts in the industry, so breaking into this is going to be just about as hard here as there, and I'd rather be there.

I hate to walk away from this "boom" here in PA, but I want to move south, and I'm at the best point yet in life to make the jump south. ( Doesn't get much better than single and freshly graduated)

I had thought about holding out for another year here, if I could get a job for experience, some of the bigger companies might be interested in me down south.. But no luck as of yet.

Don't even know what to ask, so that was a great overview.

I guess having a college degree in a relatively uneducated place can't be a bad thing.

I wonder how the culture would be for a northerner.. Never really experienced authentic Mexican culture.

I knew as you get closer to the boarder it gets "more Mexican", but didn't know it was that Mexican. I have no problem eating Mexican food in high quantities.
Never did get why people snicker after talking about eating Mexican.. . my stomach can take anything I guess.

How are the beaches?( I guess that would be Corpus Christi) Are you aware of what kind of saltwater actives are big along the coast? ( Fishing charters, scuba, etc) While cruising the spearboard forums I hear very little about spearfishing in Texas( a big interest of mine).

...Oh, I wouldnt call it "authentic Mexican.." Just everyone here is of hispanic origins.

The beaches...well, there is sand and there is water. It is OK I guess and it is what we have but the Gulf of Mexico is pretty second rate next to much of the West and East coasts. The water is rather dirty, you cant see anything in it to spear fish.

I have seen the world and lived in other places...and I like it here. It isnt for everyone.

Again, if you are white, you are going to be the minority.

It is pretty slow living.

The only people here who think the traffic is bad have never seen bad traffic (the traffic here is not bad at all)

People dont make much money BUT things are cheap.

It is a military town. A lot of people dont really know what it is like to be around the military culture. Some dont like it. For some men, it is a bit intimidating.

Things are getting more expensive here.

There is a very "redneck" culture among the working class white folks (it actually overlaps somewhat with a lot of working class Hispanics as they have rural traditions as well, I.E. Caballero) If you have never spent much time around redneck or caballero culture, you may not like it.

People are not very educated. (you will have a leg up) but that also means there is not a lot of culture here (go to Austin if you want that) While you can find a little bit of everything, the culture here has two speeds....Hispanic and 30K a year millionairs in track housing new areas and their dork wannabe yuppie bars.

Plenty of jobs

People are not fit here. People are fat here. (San Antonio is often ranked as one of the fattest cities and it is obviously true) Everyone is fat here. They come out of the womb fat and yes, it is mostly a Hispanic thing.

The single scene sucks. Hispanic people tend to marry young and to each other.

If you are six foot or better you will feel like a giant most everywhere you go. (Mexicans are short) I like going to the real Mexican flea markets, where I am often one of the only white people. I feel like godzilla walking around and I am a tad over 6'1.

There is some liberalism here but it aint yankee liberalism.

People say that some of the worst drivers are here. Maybe...and a lot of people say that. It may be true, I find idiots everywhere.

Hispanic people are very religious (again, I keep saying stuff like this, understand I am speaking in broad terms) In general, Catholic. I dont have a problem with this...but if you are not used to their version of being very religious, it might be real odd to outsiders.

There are no famous people here and few very wealthy people. We have a society scene but it is populated by Military brass and the handful of famous and wealthy. Most of the wealthiest people are actually Mexicans, from Mexico.

Music here is Tejano, county and rock. I am pretty sure that the radio station with the highest ratings in town is the AM talk radio station (seriously) That is about it. There is very little "hip hop" as we have a very small black population.

It is hot beyond anything a yankee can fathom. I mean that. It is hot...always hot. It was 96 the other day...and still winter. It is also humid a lot. We can be at a fairly high humidity and over 100 for months on end. We dont have winter, we have a few cold nights. If it gets into the 20's for a single night, we think that is very cold. It snows (dusts) about once a decade and lasts through the next day.

We have water problems. (we have to ration it most every summer)

Your AC bill will be shockingly high. We run AC 12 months a year and for about 8 months, 24 hours a day.

All outdoor activities are year round...which is awesome.

We have no sporting teams except the Spurs...and this town is like a cult when it comes to the Spurs.

High School football is life.

The public schools are lacking unless you can afford to live in the "rich" areas.

The "Rich" areas are silly cheap for "rich" areas. You can move into the most exclusive neighborhoods in town for 500K....but that is a lot of money here.

We have a lot of TV and Radio ads in Spanish...even on networks. The Spanish language is a way of life here.

We have gangs here. Bad, real, scary gangs. Almost all Hispanic in nature, but their activities are pretty isolated to certain areas. With a few exceptions, many of the "bad" areas here are livable.

There is plenty more (and I really have not run down much of the amazing stuff) but I am getting bored for now.
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