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Well, I dropped this thread like it was hot!

Where were we?

Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
San Antonio has two major loops around the city. Everything spokes off from there. The River Walk is nice. Sea World is okay. There are some nice spots in suburbia and some holes. The times I spent back there in late 90's up to about 2003 were pleasant visists.

We oftend referred to anything south of San Antonio as the "Northern occupied Territory of Mexico."
Had no idea there was a sea world there.

Originally Posted by samuse View Post
Aren't they doin' a bunch of drilling in PA?

Do you have any skills that are relevant to the oil field?
They are. I don't.

I don't have the slightest bit of experience in the industry( huge setback!)
Graduated with a BS in Marketing, and just got certified as a pipeline weld inspector this past month.

I have no contacts in the industry, so breaking into this is going to be just about as hard here as there, and I'd rather be there.

I hate to walk away from this "boom" here in PA, but I want to move south, and I'm at the best point yet in life to make the jump south. ( Doesn't get much better than single and freshly graduated)

I had thought about holding out for another year here, if I could get a job for experience, some of the bigger companies might be interested in me down south.. But no luck as of yet.

Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
What do you actually want to know?

San Antonio has a pretty laid back feel.

....and the economy is off the hook AND things are still pretty cheap here. Major biotech, medicine, military and oil/gas, car production, insurance (we are really diverse but will take a hit with the wars slowing down, this town hinges on the military)

Very uneducated population....but an aweful lot of Universities (go figure)
There is only one culture here....all things Hispanic. They are the majority and dominate most everything...and it works pretty well. Food sucks unless you want Mexican (best in the world) It is easy to live very well here. Not much night life, not much trendy stuff (but they are both here) Fairly tolerant population. Fairly safe city.
Don't even know what to ask, so that was a great overview.

I guess having a college degree in a relatively uneducated place can't be a bad thing.

I wonder how the culture would be for a northerner.. Never really experienced authentic Mexican culture.

I knew as you get closer to the boarder it gets "more Mexican", but didn't know it was that Mexican. I have no problem eating Mexican food in high quantities.
Never did get why people snicker after talking about eating Mexican.. . my stomach can take anything I guess.

How are the beaches?( I guess that would be Corpus Christi) Are you aware of what kind of saltwater actives are big along the coast? ( Fishing charters, scuba, etc) While cruising the spearboard forums I hear very little about spearfishing in Texas( a big interest of mine).

Originally Posted by jp3975 View Post
San Antonio is pretty special imo. I like it quite a bit. Probably my favorite Texas city and ive only managed to make it that way once.

Another nice thing is that its a reasonable distance to other cities. Like Austin and Corpus Christi.
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