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Be very careful, you ARE NOT too old BUT....many(all that ive dealt with) have age cut offs and the cut off is somewhere between 36-38. When I was in the academy back in 1990/91 I had been in the military and was in college at that time so I was a tad bit older at 22 years old. The cut off was 38 years old.

We had a guy that was working at that time a good paying factory job making $47,000 a year(and in Western NY back in 1990/91 that was EXCELLENT $$) he always wanted to be a Police Officer so he quit his job. LE was in his blood his family had a long line of officers his dad was a VERY good officer that actually had some Precedent Setting cases he was part of(something to do with Radar and a officers trained judgement that got upheld in NYS supreme(or appeals cant remember) court that was taught in the academy as to why we ran and had radar the way NYS can do it...but anyways....He did decent in the academy and passed..bad part was a year after the academy he still didnt have a one would hire him because of his age...and at that time he only has 3 months to go before the "cut off" applied to him ....I moved away and I never knew what happened or if he got a job...just about everyone else got a job after the one would give him one because of his age...hope he finally caught on...but Im not sure.
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