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Originally Posted by ViennaGambit View Post
Are there "Reserves" that you can apply to in order to test the waters? Depending on where you are, it IS the real thing when you are on duty...

I'm 30 and have always been drawn to LE work - at this point I am too afraid it will hurt family life with a newish wife and baby on the way...

It is a dream to give the Phoenix Reserves a shot, if I can make it and then take it from there.
In some places Reserves are the "real thing" 24/7. (A cop is a cop) I am a Reserve. I went through the same State mandated training as every other Peace Officer in the State. I have the same powers on and off duty, 24/7. When I am on duty, what I do is indistinguishable from what any other Officer does. I understand it is not that way in all States but I am pointing out in some areas it is.

It isnt a bad idea. Just keep in mind, the process is often the same, the difference is the commitment. Full time or Reserve in a lot of places, it will take you the same amount of time to get there.
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