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Originally Posted by jame View Post
I hate to be indelicate, because we're all "2nd Amendment, HELL YEAH!" around here, but is anyone mildly concerned about some of the new gun owners that have zero experience with firearms?

I've talked a bit with some of the guys at my local place of business, and they say they do. My concern is that the new guy is going to come home from work and throw his loaded G26 in his sock drawer when he gets home, without a second thought that his 6 year old will get his hands on it.

Has anyone else had the same thoughts?
Join the NRA (if you haven't already) and get certified as a basic pistol instructor. Then offer classes, not for profit, and try to help people, and help spread the word.

A lot of people are new shooters looking for help. The more we make the educational resources available, the more they will be utilized.

I know that you know of some hard core guy who won't take any gun safey tips from anyone. But that shouldn't stop us from helping those who are actually open to learning more about shooting and about safety.

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