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Originally Posted by GLWyandotte View Post
We were all new gun owners at one time.
Yes but some of us had Fathers around to teach us and we grew up knowing the rules and safe handling. I see what the OP is concerned about. There are a lot of people who are into adulthood and practically buying the first gun they've ever touched. It is foolishness not to be a bit concerned, I know the media gets concerned when they have an accident and then that concerns a lot of voters, maybe even influences them.

Some of us have taken steps like making sure our LGS is well stocked with free handouts about gun safety and safe handling. Our only LGS around here is very good about helping newbies and they have called me at home and ask me to come down and bring a couple of mine to help instruct first-time buyers who way want to order something that I happen to have.

Just saying "Oh well, they'll learn" is something I can't feel good about sitting still and saying.

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