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Originally Posted by PghJim View Post
Would you shoot an American citizen?

From a man who has dedicated my entire adult life in service to my country this is stepping over the line. Just a heads up some of us might have already SHOT an American Citizen while being a law enforcement officer.

Just for your info dangerous criminals are American Citizens if they legally live in our country. I normally read through all your replies and have a level of respect for you but posts like this will make me drop that level faster than you can post them.

Originally Posted by The Fist Of Goodness View Post
The time that you put into typing your explanations will be time you will never get back. And it won't change their opinions because they (despite their feigned outrage) want this to be true.

I only recently learned this lesson myself (several weeks ago on the same topic). I went through the same math and tried to document the actual contracts. It doesn't make a difference. When this thread dies, another will break out, like a bad case of crabs.

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I agree with this post and the fact that we are now down to calling people names or questioning integrity or intelligence means we are at the end of this one and need to wait for a new one.

The 135,000 posted above that I posted did not include the USSS and neither did the ammo bids listed above with exception of the few HK MP5s they still have in service as they carry Sig 229 chambered in .357sig and a lot carry FN P90s instead of MP5s. I am not sure how many USSS are employeed but they do not issue 9mm or 40 S&W handguns and buy a very large single purchase of 357sig per year and shoot a great deal of ammo.

Tanks? Drones? Yea they bother me, but the ammo purchased does not.
"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American perception that each individual is accountable for his/her actions." -Ronald Reagan-

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