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Originally Posted by 2@low8 View Post
Brunswick, GA a boy between 10 and 15 tries to rob a mother at gunpoint. Shoots the 18 month old baby in the head because mother had no cash. Mother shot in leg.

With the world going in the crapper like this I guess it is time to make a personal decision on whether or not you could shoot a kid to defend your own kid.
That decision was made as part of a larger decision I made the moment he was born:

I will do whatever I have to, to whoever I have to, to protect my wife and child. I will not hesitate. I may feel really bad about it afterwards but I will do it.

That said, were I the 15-year-old's father in this case though, he would be begging me to call the police after I got done with him. I'll bet that kid's father is nowhere to be found though.

Practical point though - if the gun isn't found on the juvenile you have to shoot though, you will have problems down the road. Whatever that means to you is what that means.

Read the article on - looks like GBI, GNR and other agencies are pulling out all the stops to find these two dilinquents.
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