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There's never been a shortage of irresponsible people.

These people do all kinds of things that put others at risk. Drinking and driving. Driving without regard for the safety of others even if not drinking. Heavy machinery. Toying with explosives they learned how to make on the internet.

The list of things people do that put others in danger is so long I'm sure it would stagger the imagination of even the most creative mind.

Yes, we'll eventually hear of incidents from these newfound firearm owners. Not because they're new or anything special related to the frenzy of buying - but because they are people. There are simply some people who are an accident waiting to happen.

So do I worry about them? Yes. But no more than I would concern myself over any normal gun owner.

I'm far more concerned, for my own safety and the safety of my family, with the idiot hunter who shoots are bushes when the wind blows. There's no shortage of those idiots and they are generally male and grew up around and are well educated in the safety of firearms. They simply choose to ignore that education and be stupid.

I'm also more concerned with the guy on the highway swirving into my lane while texting or changing a radio station.
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