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Originally Posted by jame View Post
I understand that. But that doesn't squelch my concerns when I find out that my son in law gets home from work and throws his compact nine on the kitchen counter as he heads for the shower. I have a six year old grandson, and his injury would crush me.

I bought him a small safe, and understand that he's using it, but how many more little kids may be at risk? Or is that, too, "Not my problem?"

I fear, sooner or later, it will be all of our problem.
Well, instead of *****ing about it here on GT, why not talk to your SIL about it and educate him? That's the first step I'd take. We're all teachers of something in life. If this is a concern for you start teaching people about gun safety. this should include children too just like your grandson. My 5 year old daughter knows the Eddie Eagle rules and my almost-2-year-old is now learning that stuff too. I don't always leave my guns out but when I do, they have been triple checked and they know not to touch them. That's not often but sometimes I have to get at something in the safe and the long guns have to be laid out on the bed. I don't hide my guns from them and I encourage them to ask questions about them.

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