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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
So, should the government be involved in mandating that gun owners recieve training?

I'm all for people getting the training they need. I think for CCW permits, an applicant should demonstrate safety, and their ability to shoot a reasonable course of fire if they want to carry a firearm in public.

But, I'm against the government being involved in mandatory training, to their standards to own a firearm.
I'll say the same thing to your comment. No, there should not be any mandated training as there is no benefit and it is a restriction on a right.

There is plenty of actual data, 30+ years of no training necessary in various states, 20+ of from 2 to 8 hours in other states.

Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
The only way I would ever even possibly agree with you is for you to show this one thing:

Using actual data, show the difference in accidental shootings, negligent shootings and otherwise unwise shootings and show that the difference between states that mandate greater than 4 hours training are different than those that mandate less than 4 but greater than 0 and that those two are different than states that require no training.

Don't waste your time, there is no difference in bad shootings, at least not enough to go beyond the margin of error. So no, I cannot get behind your proposal because the only outcome of it is further restriction of rights.
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