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Originally Posted by jame View Post
Well, at least in my state, you can take an online class without ever even holding a gun. For ccw permitting, I'd like to see some face to face training for at lease a few hours. I got my permit the old way, and one guy was even questionable then.
The only way I would ever even possibly agree with you is for you to show this one thing:

Using actual data, show the difference in accidental shootings, negligent shootings and otherwise unwise shootings and show that the difference between states that mandate greater than 4 hours training are different than those that mandate less than 4 but greater than 0 and that those two are different than states that require no training.

Don't waste your time, there is no difference in bad shootings, at least not enough to go beyond the margin of error. So no, I cannot get behind your proposal because the only outcome of it is further restriction of rights.
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