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In California, you have to have a Handgun Safety Certificate before you can buy any handgun. The certificate is good for 5 years.

Basically, it is nothing more than a test on safe gun handling and storage requirements. Among other things, it enumerates the gun owner's legal responsibilities.

OK, that covers the certificate. At the time you pick up a handgun, you have to demonstrate that you can load and unload the weapon including, in the case of a semiauto, proving that the chamber is empty.

In theory, every new gun owner is fully aware of the functioning of a handgun, knows the requirements for storage and is fully aware of their legal responsibilities plus has demonstrated at least a minimal capability in safe gun handling.

All new handguns come with a locking device. For rifles and shotguns, you have to certify that you have a compliant gun safe or storage cabinet.

It's a start...

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