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Originally Posted by blk69stang View Post
With all due respect, the ACTUAL contract was for "mostly" 9mm & 40 cal.

Even if I leave out the rifle and shotty ammo, that's still 240M rounds/year, which equals 6.6 years of pistol ammo (because the subguns and backup pistols use, you guessed it, pistol ammo).

So the rifle and shotgun ammo is negligible in the overall order of magnitude here. Oh, right. Your point was that you're unconcerned with applying math yourself and just want to be a jackwagon who points out minor details that have little to no effect on the outcome of the topic being discussed. Gotcha. Mission accomplished.
The time that you put into typing your explanations will be time you will never get back. And it won't change their opinions because they (despite their feigned outrage) want this to be true.

I only recently learned this lesson myself (several weeks ago on the same topic). I went through the same math and tried to document the actual contracts. It doesn't make a difference. When this thread dies, another will break out, like a bad case of crabs.

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