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Originally Posted by blk69stang View Post
It's been done to death, but here it goes again:

By my math, 1.6B rounds will last less than 6 yrs at current consumption.

Customs, Border Patrol, Secret Service and Coast Guard account for about 150,000 gun carrying officers/agents (all under DHS).

Qualifications are shot quarterly (4x per year), and each qual includes an ammo issue of 250 rds per handgun, 100 rounds per rifle, and 10 rounds per shotgun. Smimple math puts this at 1000 rounds/ year/ handgun, 400 rounds/year/rifle, 40 rounds/year/shotgun.

Each agent has a handgun. That's (1000 rounds/year) X (150,000 agents) = 150,000,000 (150M).

Most agents also qualify with both the rifle and shotgun. That's (440 rounds/year) X (150,000 agents) = 66,000,000 (66M) rounds.

Special unit agents and managers are issued a second handgun. Let's shoot on the low side and say 30%. That's another (1000/year) X (45,000 agents) = 45,000,000 (45M) rounds.

Special units can also carry submachineguns, designated marksman rifles, etc. Low estimate of 30% use these, so that's That's another (1000/yr) X (45,000 agents) = 45,000,000 (45M).

Let's add that up shall we? 150M + 66M + 45M + 45M = 306M per year, JUST FOR QUALS. By my math, it takes only 5.22 years at that consumption level to burn through 1.6 Billion rounds.

Check my math please.

And by the way, YES we shoot premium hollowpoint ammo at quals. We do not shoot cheap stuff for two reasons:

1) Keeps ammo fresh. Shoot the last quarter's duty carry, replenish with the issue ammo. Heads off problems with bullet setback from repeated loading/unloading, as well as problems with powder decomposition (vibration/heat from carry breaking down powder grains into fine dust leading to overpressure). There are lots of "non-gun" people out there who don't know about this, so policy is written to look out for the dumbest officer/agent out there.

2) Keeps agents from carrying unauthorized ammo. Because if they issue FMJ ammo, certainly you will see some dummy carrying issued-for-training-but-unauthorized-for-duty FMJ on duty. See the idiot clause above.

So yeah, a five-year contract for ammo is SUCH a panic warning flag.

And PocketProtector has no idea what he is talking about making the ridiculous claim that this amount of ammo would last "101 years at current DHS consumption rate." Way to spread the misinformation.

I dare you to show the math behind your outlandish figures.
With all due respect, the OP stated 9mm & 40cal only!
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