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So I've been watching some videos on the various dillon presses, and honestly I'm no further along. Sure the 550 offers things that the SDB doesn't, and again the 650 offers things the 550 doesn't, and then there's the ammunition manufacturing industrial complex that you can buy which honestly doesn't even look enjoyable.

The question really comes down to how much do I need to spend to meet my own needs. They all seem to offer more than what I have now.

For the sake of argument, can you experienced guys give me a price estimate to go from what I have no (LCT, incidentals, 9mm 4pc die set, etc) to the point of loading 9mm with either the SDB, the 550, or if you're feeling froggy, the 650. I really don't think I need the strong mount, but I'll allow you to convince me otherwise.

On a side note, the dillon-created youtube videos showing their case flare was intriguing to me. My LCT doesn't flare anywhere near that aggressively, is that really necessary?
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