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Originally Posted by FiremanMike View Post
<shrug> Personally I really enjoy the auto indexing of my LCT, it's one less menial thing to think about so that I can focus on more important things

Personally, I'm attracted to the compact nature of the SDB. I also like that it's significantly cheaper than the 550. I will admit that the proprietary dies are a bummer, but then again I'm pretty well committed to 9mm (just got rid of my last .45acp today), so as long as I get an SDB that's ready to go for 9mm I should be ok, right?
It is not just about changing the dies for different calibers. There are different types of dies and some dies have attributes that others do not. It is nice to be able have the option to use a different die even you are only ever going to use the press for one caliber.

With the 550 you getting one finished round out on each pull of the handle. The LCT you are getting one round out every 4 pulls of the handle. Even though you are indexing manually with the 550 you will still put out quite a bit more rounds per hour.

And yes it is easier to size lubes cases even if you are using carbide dies. Carbide dies are not immune to friction.
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