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SA Champion Operator?

I am not ashamed to say I left the 1911 game for a while. I bought what to me was an expensive pistol at the time (as a college student), a Kimber 1911 carry model. I loved how it shot, felt, carried. I hated how it was never reliable enough for me to really depend on. Sold it and for the price of it plus $100 bought TWO polymer pistols, a G19 and an M&P 9 that have both been flawless.

I will be graduating this Spring and want to get back into a reliable 1911. I am not wanting to spend more than $900, still on a budget since I have a lot of expensive habits, like long range rifles and optics, golf, ammo for said rifles and a wife!

I am all but set on the SA Champion Operator, the Commander sized railed model. Will be a carry gun and double as a bedside gun with a light, thus the want for a rail. On other forums I have heard good things about these as far as fit and quality for that price range, wanted ya'll to chime in. Please don't suggest I just get a Wilson or Nighthawk, again budget! Thanks.
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