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We use OD for callouts, and woodland camo for training just because it used to be easier to get at less cost. We do a lot more training than actual ops, so having a less-expensive training uniform made sense. That is going away. Woodland is becoming more rare, and is now the same price as everything else. I imagine we will just go straight OD (actually our vests are more of a ranger green) in the near future.

I would like to see us allow multicam for snipers in rural settings, as that seems to be what everyone makes gear for and it is a pretty good base camo. It is the easiest camo to find. ACU is getting more rare, and sucks as a camo anyway (unless you are in a gravel pit).

Black and Dark Navy really stand out at night for some reason. We used to use navy uniforms and black vests, but have moved away from that many years ago. Were I you, I'd be all about OD or Ranger Green.
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