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Originally Posted by mhill View Post
I bought an ice tea maker last year. Been drinking a bunch more tea and less soda since then. I think I figured it cost about .10 for 2 quarts of tea.
You do know you can just boil water and pour it into a container with tea bags in it and save even MORE on that silly "ice tea maker", Jack!?

Originally Posted by belial View Post
Switching to double edged saftey razors. I spend $25 on blades for a year, not a package.
Plus the start-up costs of a razor, possibly a brush and a cup and soaps. And trying the 28 different types of blades before settling on one. LOL

I get the 10-pack of triple-blade CVS brand. Each one lasts me 2.5 weeks. I know I spend less than $25/yr. But I have one of them baby-beards. I'm 44 and can't grow a full beard, nor would you notice I haven't shaved for days 1-5 or so. LOL
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