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Originally Posted by DakotaGlockGuy View Post

DO NOT do what I did, which was to go with the cheapest one I could find, namely the Universal Sight Pusher (P.O.Sher is what I'm calling it now).

I used this P.O.S on a total of 3 (yes 3) sight installs and the blade locked up. I tried to reach some kind of customer service number on the site (don't bother looking, you will NOT find one) and had to send an email instead. This did me ZERO good, as I had another gun on my bench to do, and a dead pusher. In my email I even made a comment that I thought it was pretty crappy customer service not to have some number to call.

The maker of the P.O.Sher DID call me back later that night and said he would be sending me some replacement parts for it and said, "Now that is customer service. I stand behind my product and will back it up." This was Sunday March 10th, and he said he was going to send the parts out Monday morning.

Still nothing by Saturday night. I emailed him Sunday and asked if the parts had shipped, and what the tracking number was. His response.

"Sorry for the delay. They will go out Monday"

Since I'd heard this before, I checked back Monday to make sure he did send them out. He sent me a tracking number with the Generated date of 3/17. Keep in mind we're now a week behind thanks to his STELLAR customer service and how he stands behind his product...

Still nothing today, so I checked the tracking number and it shows that the tracking number was generated (printed out) on the 17th, but did not actually get shipped or dropped off until today.

In the meantime I did what I should have done in the beginning and just spent the money on a quality sight pusher. I rectified the situation by ordering 2 new MGW sight pushers that arrived today.

Bottom Line: This thing is a piece of crap, and the customer service is an absolute joke.

I think you should post this maybe once or twice more just to really hammer your point home.
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