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Thinking of a square deal b..

It's been awhile.. I've been ashamed to show my head in here because my press has been down for so long during my basement remodel. But my LCT is back up and running, attached to my new bench that is nearly strong enough to build a house on. I loaded up my first 100 rounds of 9mm last night in about a year and found it like riding a bike.

I did find it a bit slow, and awoke this morning thinking of snagging an SDB. I'm down to three calibers at home, 9mm, .380, and .223. I'd obviously have to keep the LCT for 223 and I really don't load 380 (or even practice with that thing.. for shame), so this press would be exclusively for 9mm.

So a couple of questions..

1. Seeing as I have the incidentals already (scales, calipers, etc) how much can I expect to spend (new and used estimates) to get me ready to load 9mm?

2. How much more enjoyable is a progressive vs a turret?

3. I must admit, I love my auto disk measuring system. Set it once and forget it (the OCD in me makes me check every 50 rounds anyways). Is the dillon powder bar system equally as reliable? I do get that it's infinitely more adjustable, but I'm not making match ammo.

4. I've always been afraid of moving to progressive, as the slowness of the LCT allows me to visually inspect each case before bullet seating to ensure there's 1 charge in it. Are my fears of double charging or squibbing on a progressive founded?

Any other advice or input is appreciated!
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