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Except for the solid green & yellow Short boxes in the second photo, everything there would probably be of some interest to ammo collectors. Not to say it would be worth a lot, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone offered you upwards of $5-$10 a box for those, and some MIGHT be worth a lot more than that. Of course, nowadays, you might get more than that from a desperate shooter/hunter, too!

When I run across stuff like that, I take it to a local gunshow; there are always a few guys with a bunch of old rimfire ammo/boxes, and they love to trade me modern rimfire ammo for the older ones, sometimes at 2x, 3x, or 5x the number of rounds (two to five 50-round boxes of the old stuff for a brick of new HPs). Not sure how the shortage has affected folks like this, but personally, I wouldn't consider shooting it until I had an idea of the value of what I was shooting.

EDIT: A little bit of searching, and I came up with an interesting site. Remember, this is what they are SELLING them for, not what they would pay for yours. However, it might give you a better feel for the values.

Scroll down near the bottom of this linked page to see several from your first photo:

This is the home page for that site:

Click all the links, one by one, and see what you can find. That first one I posted above was under the "Various boxes 4 of 6" link.

Cool stuff. Good luck!

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