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What pattern for SWAT/SORT bdu's

I am presently with a small S.O. (60 Deputies), and we are starting a SWAT/SORT team. Equipt ordering is starting, and we are just starting to form the team and screening applicants. Tomorrow will be the third training day and everyone is really taking an interest, and so far all seem to enjoy the basics of movements and fundamentals. We haven't yet decided on a color scheme (pattern) for the BDU's and was wondering what the local LE Agency in your area is using for their SWAT/SORT Team.
I spent 30 years with a big city PD (15 years as SWAT/CS/operator), and we used navy blue BDU'S, then after about 10 years went to the black BDU's. After retiring from the PD, I ended up at a local SO which had 300 Deputies, and the SORT BDU's were OD green.
The new SO I now work for has not had any type of SRT SORT or SWAT unit (really hasn't needed one YET),
and we are slowly getting things organized and moving.
Please advise what your Dept uses in the BDU Dept.


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