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Originally Posted by Landmonster View Post
This is a false economy.

You'd save far more money by simply avoiding smoking. You'd save by not buying all the packs per day, plus save on future expected medical expenses and insurance increases from the smoking-habit.

Also, smoking has hidden costs, like reducing the value of your car/home/clothing, etc, due to them being penetrated with cigarette odors.
Some true, some not.

By continuing smoking, he will die younger, think of all the money saved on food, clothes, housing. If he does it right, there won't be medical costs. This will also reduce social security payments, so we all are better off. Also may not need to save for retiremnet at all.

One reason we have all of the social security and medicare future shortfalls, is because people are living healthier and smoking less, and living longer. When it went into effect average life expectancy for men was right at social security age or a bit less. For black men it was a lot less. I say, have them smoke more, drink more, and use dangerous drugs more. Instead of social security and medicare for those that can't afford to live past working age, we should go with an elderly Logan's Run type thing, you know like Obamacare.

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