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Originally Posted by jasonvp View Post
Keep up with that short-term vision and view of things. It'll serve us all very well in the long run, I'm sure.

If you think that's a short term vision you are wrong.

Modern game management has resulted in record populations of deer, wild turkey, bear and other animals. Literally there are more deer in this country now than when the Pilgrims landed.

Furthermore, sportsmen are the ONLY people who fund wildlife management and enforcement. If you don't buy a hunting license NOTHING gets done.

You arguments are based on emotions and ignorance. If you really want to know the science and history of wildlife management and conservation in this country you need to do some reading and educate yourself. Read up about Teddy Rooseveldt.

Its a fact that African Elephants are plentiful and growing in numbers where they are hunted for sport and represent serious tourist dollars and trophey fees that make them economically important. Yet elephants are in serious decline in the countries where they are fully protected from any hunting and are nothing more than a source of bush meat for poachers and a huge pest for farmers.. That is more than coincidence.
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