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There's a very twisted Gary Larson cartoon somewhere in all this.

Mountain Lions that move down into the 'burbs" and start chasing dogs and sheep and kids instead of deer are usually older cats with bad teeth who no longer have what it takes to bring down a deer or their more normal meals. They are universally very elusive creatures and go out of their way to avoid humans. But when old age and their health catches up they head to easier meals and that means domestic livestock, dogs, and sometimes even people. WHen I lived in El Paso there was a lion event about every other year where an old cat made his way down the the mountains and decided that Labrador Retriver tasted better than Venison. When they put down the cat about 100% of the time they find its old and infirm. But bottom line is--man is part of nature--come into man's territory and kill man's animals and you risk death at the hands of man....its all VERY natural from my view.

In other news--its no longer Caturday and not all is well in Kittyland.
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