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Originally Posted by jasonvp View Post
Keep up with that short-term vision and view of things. It'll serve us all very well in the long run, I'm sure.

Keep ignoring the FACT that we have been doing it this way for over 150 years here. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have the same view as someone in an inner city apartment that can't understand why someone might need a rifle like a 7mm mag because you are the one with the narrow view of the world.

I will repeat, and type slowly for you. We have been killing Cougars on sight for 150 years around here and we still find them prowling on the school yard and within yards of our homes. So exactly what "Long run" are you talking about?

You are like somebody in Kansas telling us how many clams we should be able to dig at the beach here---no semblance of a clue.

while you are at it, sing me a chorus of "This land is your land" by the Socialist songwriter Woodie Guthrie.
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