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Yeah love it but my team seems to be trying to tank for the best pick. Buffalo Sabres here. They should do now what they SHOULD have done when the new owner too over Can the HC(mission accomplished) and can the GM(that put together this dung pile of a team) and start over. So yeah to be honest a lot of guys in the area are hoping for a complete TANK as to make the owner fire the GM, get a new HC in the off season and get a good pick. Been a fan since I started watching Hockey back in 1977 or so.

Nice part is we also have several other "choices" within a afternoons drive to go see some AHL or NHL action

Buffalo 4 hours
Flyers 3.5 hours
Pens 4 hours
Caps 4 Hours


Scranton penguins 1hour 15 min

Hershey Bears 2 hours

went to the Flyers Pens playoff game last year when the Flyers closed out the Pens...even though neither is my team it was a great experience to go to in the playoffs.

Oh also help coach the kids leagues here locally but its all inline hockey as this area wont support a ice rink it seems.

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