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Originally Posted by droidfire View Post
zippo lighter.

5 or 7 bics a week versus $1.99 worth of fluid for 3 months.
Ive asked for wife says why you dont smoke..and this was what I told here(what you said) she has those smelly candles, we use the longer type ones to start the backyard chiminea thingy..I said I could basically run a Zippo forever for as much as we use one for the cost of the lighter and a can of fluid lol...probably last me a lifetime.

And if you shoot reloading equipment..depending on how much you shoot you will 100% be able to shoot cheaper and you WILL be able to shoot more(because you can reload ammo cheaper)

I always try to go with QUALITY rather spend a few more bucks on something I know will be good and last a long time or has a good warranty..than skimp get the cheaper thing that is not as good/wont last as long(again from the Zippo thing...buying a Zippo and a can of fluid VS buying 100 dollar store "bic type" lighters..ones gonna work forever reliably the other you know will probably work for a while but who knows lol..all you know is you will need more eventually .

Oh my Tracphone VS a "regular" plan...I pay $99 a year for my cell phone and last year even with surfing the web,texts, and calling regularly I still had 400+ minutes left on my plan...I think I started out with about 1600 minutes...same this year I had 1600 or so in October I still have 1300 right now.

and as said coupons...wifes always clipping them

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