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Originally Posted by CanMan View Post
Here's one dismal scenario about the ammo shortage;

Ammo Shortage Explained...
A very comprehensive viewpoint, Thanks... Since people have been buying up firearms lately.. and ammo has been going through the roof, perhaps many are stockpiling .22 so they can afford to shoot without eating through their supply of "real" ammo... Also, because it is so cheap, it is easier on the budget to grab a 1000 rds here & there (unlike 9mm or 5.56) just a thought.

I am hoping that .22 will be one of the first rounds back on shelves when this all dies down.

Also thanks for the 22long tip. I saw a case of that @ Basspro and almost bought it thinking it MAY work, since I currently only have about 50rds of .22LR... but I don't want to get stuck with 1000 rds of ammo that won't run...
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