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Originally Posted by jasonvp View Post
Good job. Glad to hear that. And I'm also happy to know how well and thoroughly folks have thought through this for long-term effects on various animal populations. I realize stopping and thinking through things carefully and logically is a stretch, but give it a go.

Also, the "What if/What is" line in your sig is somewhat apropos here. Again, let's see if you can figure out why...

Well, we've been wantonly killing them like that since the 1800's around here and there is still no shortage. I think you are in over your head when you try to tell someone clear across the Country about their local eco-system. Just like you probably can't grasp the we can get two, and some years three, bear tags, because you know so much more about our area than the residents and the Department of Fish and Wildlife in our State.
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