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I do feel bad about the loss of life, both of wiener dog (beloved pet) and wild animal.

But what are we going to do..... nature and mankind (and mankind's associated stuff) does not always play nice and get along.

A very small dog in the woods is called prey. A lapdog in the woods is an accident waiting to happen.

There is no "win" here. The only solace one can take is no human was killed or otherwise injured.

Leaving a "big cat" that has a taste for human possessions and may no longer be afraid of us, is a tragedy waiting happen.

My suggestions:
Believe that in some way the wiener dog saved a life (just as a feinting goat saves more valuable livestock from predators).

Stay out of the woods when walking "prey animals" (bait).

Get a bigger dog, if you are going to venture into real "nature". Get one that can do more than just get stuck in the lions throat.

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