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Originally Posted by bmoore View Post
Killing a 14 pound dog around homes is what mt lions do? Weird I live in mt lion territory and this is news to me. Ours takedown 75-100 pound dear, are stealthy and rarely seen. So its OK for people to lose pets because "thats nature". All the massively over populated coyotes should be able to hop my fence and take our dogs as well, I mean afterall I moved out to where they live I guess.

I have as much respect for wild animals as anyone being a hunter and fishing my entire life. I guess thats why I am smart enought to realize that when a 140 cat becomes unafraid to hunt around populace, that its an issue that needs to be handled. Is it "nature" when it grabs a toddler on a bicycle? When is it not "nature" anymore? When it effects you and not somebody else?
As I figured.

I post something, you don't bother to understand what I posted, and you go off on a tangent no one was talking about, and try and throw out the "hippie" card.

No one was disucssing any of this, yet you posted indignantly as if we were.

Get a clue, and keep on topic. If you want to change the topic, do so clearly and plainly.
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