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Originally Posted by sharpshooter View Post
Skinny people always say things like that. I'm trying to loose, not maintain weight.
So, by your own admission, you are going to put these 50+ pounds back on at a later date or continue to eat diet milkshakes the rest of your life.

Look...I know what it's like. I've struggled with my weight all my life. It's not like I don't know WHAT to do...I'm just too lazy or unmotivated to keep doing it. I'm 50# down since August 1st and still have about 50# to go. Losing the weight is's keeping it off that's tricky.

This is my 3rd or 4th time in this rodeo. The first time I lost about 100# in 4 months but I almost literally starved myself to do it. Not a good thing. The weight stayed off as long as I hit the gym every day and ate right. Now I'm just trying to condition myself to eat the way I need to eat the rest of my life so I don't gain it back. I probably won't hit my goal until the end of the year but that's OK...I'm not in a race. Your scenario may be different for other reasons.

Start eating right today and eat less and the weight will come off. If it helps, weigh at least weekly (I weigh myself every morning and keep a record). You don't need any expensive supplements or plans. I eat pretty much what I want, just a lot less of it than before.

As much as I hate to admit it, Weight Watchers actually does work and will let you eat regular food but you have to essentially count calories (something I won't do). So, if you're just itching to burn through money to lose the weight, I'd start there. They have weekly meetings where you will be held accountable. Some people need that accountability and "judgement" from others.


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