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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith View Post
I have no doubt retailers of all shapes and forms have jacked up prices and held back stock. Not only guns but most certainly ammo.

I have a fair stock of ammo, not huge, and I reload to so it didn't hurt me at all but a few of my friends were so desperate I sold them some ammo at just a bit above what it cost me. Not 100 percent markup but I did make maybe 20 percent more than I paid.

Didn't sell most of my stock but just a bit so they could have some. Mainly some Federal 'value pack' .223 and Tula .40 S&W as well as a box of 333 rnds of Winchester .22 lr. ammo.

But this should be a lesson of you of you here. Once this craziness is over get a few hundred rounds or so for each of the cartridges you shoot. If you reload, get maybe 5000 primers for each type you reload and a 8 lb can of powder (one can for pistol and the other 8 lb can for rifle.) I use Unique and Varget!

Don't get caught short again!!

I have plenty of primers and powder.It's projectiles I wish I had stocked up on. I only have 2,000 bullets for each caliber I shoot. I need to get after market barrels and learn how to load lead so I am more prepared next time.
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