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Water wells are usually contaminated by things from the surface. This can be from the initial drilling of the well, or from surface water working its way down along side of a loose casing. In some states now, ALL casings have to be grouted in to prevent surface contamination because of a poorly sealed casing. The contamination can be Soil Coliform Bacteria, Iron and Hydrogen Bacteria, or Fecal Coliforms (from barnyard runoff) and agricultural chemicals (from field runoff).

Soil and Fecal Coliforms can make you ill. If you are very young, or old or have a weak immune system, Fecal Coliforms can be deadly. Iron and Hydrogen Bacteria consume minerals dissolved in the water and release (fart) Hydrogen Sulfide gas (rotten egg smell) into the well water.

Have your well water tested for both chemical and bacterial contamination. Knowing exactly what you have to deal with is essential. Shocking a well with bleach will (if done right) sterilize the water, and the soil surrounding the water chamber from which you draw the water. The treatment will also sterilize the house piping and the water heater which most likely will also be contaminated.

Have your water tested annually at first, and re-treat as needed. Once you "know" your well, testing intervals can be spaced out as neccessary. Sometimes, if the contamination was from the drilling of the well, and does not reoccur, you may not have to ever shock the well again.
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