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Originally Posted by ArmoryDoc View Post
This man speaks from wisdom. They aren't done. They are just regrouping. Take advantage of the lull for it won't last long.

I agree.

My eyes were really opened after the pool of transferable Class III weapons was frozen and Bush #1 implemented the ban on all sorts of semi-automatic rifles, etc. I was fully prepared and stocked up by the time the first “assault weapons ban” was put into effect. That legislation convinced me that the gun grabbers would never give up. I did take advantage of the lull when the first “assault weapons ban” expired, but that was just excess on my part.

I was not caught short or wanting when Our Dear Leader was first elected and the craziness started again, but I still took advantage when there was a lull after that hysteria died down, just as I will take advantage of any lull, if things ever calm down again. I can see the handwriting on the wall, and for anyone that values their Second Amendment Rights, the future looks real bad.

I learned my lesson, but the question is; how many of you are going to be lulled into a false sense of security?

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