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Had a friend who was a renowned archeologist here in NJ....he was responsible for uncovering the Dark Moon Indian Village and recovered thousands of artifacts and grave sites....none of this ever materialized into money, fame or wealth....that's just the type of fella he was....unfortunately he passed a few years back but before he did he called me one day to come up to his office to see something....he wouldn't tell me what over the phone.
So over I went....he pulled out some 8.5 X 11 photos he took and went on with his story...he told me one early snowy Dec. morning he was called and ask to go to a farm in Port Jervis NY area ...the owner wanted to speak with someone who could tell him what was going on out there in the evenings....the pics showed a moderate snow fall and a split rail wooden fence in the the foreground was a young girl on horseback standing in the field.....So I asked what this was about...he said look at those tracks in the snow....they go down through the meadow and accross the field...he said while he was there this girl was out riding on her horse and he asked her to come over and take a pic next to the tracks....he wanted to be able to have something in the pic that could show how far the spread was between foot prints...then he said he found some hairs attached to the top of the split rail fence where something walked over friend knew at that moment what he was dealing with but never mentioned it to anyone other then me.....I was shocked to look at these pics and listen to his story......and by the way, he was the most honest fella I ever met......I thoroughly believe Bigfoot exists based on our discussion and his pics.

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