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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
I wonder what it is about the WW and Fed 9mm 115gr JHP +p+ loads (or just +p for that matter) that disqualifies it?
My read of this discussion is that newer, heavier bullet designs perform better than the 115gr under some conditions, and there isn't any advantage to the 115s. Based on this, I carry:

Federal HST 147 gr JHP (P9HST2), which chronos at 976 fps from my G19.

Winchester Ranger-T 127 gr +P+ JHP (RA9TA), 1260fps from my G19. That's a power factor of 160--just shy of making USPSA major!

Of the two, the 147 P9HST2 has MUCH less perceived recoil and is definitely not as loud as the Ranger-T +P+.
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