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Cool thread resurrection!

1982-1984 S&W M10HB (issued)
1984-1988 Ruger Security Six (issued/Walther PPK BUG)
1988-1993 S&W M686 (personal/SW36 & Walther PPK BUG's)
1993-1995 Glock 17 (personal 2nd Gen)
1995-1998 Beretta 96D (issued-worst)
1998-2003 HKUSPCLEM.40 (issued/G26 BUG)
2003-2006 Glock 17 (issued 3rd Gen/best issued gun/G26 BUG)
2006-2012 SIG229RDAK.40 (second worst/G26 BUG)
2012-Present G17 (personal 2nd Gen/G26 BUG)


From 1982 until 1993 those revolvers were all great. The Smiths had great triggers and the SecSix had awesome balance.

All BUG's were personal weapons except for a G26 that was issued for about a year. I have carried others..but mums the word

I'm going to get my 3rd Gen G17 approved to replace the 2nd Gen only because I want to say I carried it on duty and to give the old war horse a break.

The G17/G26 combo is IMHO the best system ever.

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