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Good News (and bad?)

I stopped at the local wally world this morning on the way to the office to see if they had any ammo - I do this just about every morning. They had 5 boxes of .40 FMJ so I picked up the maximum allowed to each customer - 3 boxes. They had several WWB value packs of 9mm in stock too. First time I've seen those in months.

At the register I had a very open and interesting conversation with the department manager. Here is what she told me.

1. She knows what and when they are getting ammo but she isn't telling. I'm OK with that. Keeps the hoarders honest and give plinkers like me a chance to get a box every now and again.

2. When she gets a shipment of ammo, she doesn't put it all out at one time. She has two predetermined times each day she puts out ammo. (Only the Shadow knows....)

3. She said she was told by her Dist. Mgr that the ammo stock should be back to normal by mid-May.

4. Although a leveling out of ammo stock is expected in the foreseeable future, she said to expect a "Sin Tax" on ammo much like we already have on cigs, etc.

I thanked her for her time and information and left with my 150 rds.
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