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Originally Posted by Stock45 View Post
I always thought the sheepdog thing was cheesy, and wondered if the guys that posted about it had just finished a 3hr session of COD on the XBox.
The sheepdog thing isn't "cheesy", it's childish. It's desperately seeking admiration.

He is right about 'not knowing what is going on'. A mass shooting in a mall is one thing. Intervening in a situation in a parking lot at Wal Mart is another. As soon as a stranger steps in, it will turn out to be a domestic violence situation, which is hard enough on cops, and both parties will turn on the "Sheepdog".

In our HCP class, the example of stepping into a gunfight was demonstrated, and the results were that you don't know who is who, or what is what, and Bubba gets a new roommate. It's best to mind your own business.

I would try to act to stop an obvious abduction\kidnapping of a child or female, but I don't go out looking to be Matt Dillon. But hey, if others want to take the risks to try and be a hero, more power to them.
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