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Originally Posted by BIGGUNS911 View Post
The two attached news reports are about subjects being shot in the head with .22 caliber rounds. In both the subject lived, in one the victim was shot several times and was still able to get to a gun in his nightstand. I would say .22 is not my first thought for self defense.
So, your point is?

There's not enough information in either one of those articles to establish anything, either one way or the other, about the presumed effectiveness, or lack thereof, of a, '22'.

You need to remember that the Western World's covert military agencies haven't, almost unanimously, used rimfire 22 LR caliber cartridges AND head shots for the past 50 years because the cartridge doesn't work. Read the book, 'Hit Team' about the Israeli Mossad's European operations during the mid 1970's. Were he, still, alive Chicago mobster Sam Giancana might tell you different about what a 22 LR is capable of, too!

I got hit with a 22 (LR) once; it knocked me off my feet! Have you ever been hit by a marble fired out of a Saunders, 'Wrist Rocket' slingshot? One of those suckers hits hard enough to make you, 'convert to Catholicism'; and, still, a rimfire 22 LR round hits a lot harder than a marble out of a, 'Wrist Rocket'. (Don't bother asking, 'How' I know!)

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