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Originally Posted by w9trb View Post
When I was stationed in Izmir, Turkey, I met and started seeing a young Turkish girl. After several dates, she said her father had invited me to supper. Well, after being served a huge supper, the women cleared dishes and disappeared to the kitchen and he went to his easy chair and had me sit in the other easy chair next to him. He pulled out a large photo album. I thought, Oh no family pictures! But, it turned out he had been one of the young Turks when they kicked the Greeks out of Izmir. The photo book was full of step by step photos of Greeks being nailed to the wooden walls and skinned alive. I was sick before he got very far into the book. He was very proud of his service of freeing the town of the Greek civilians. The entire rest of the time I was in Izmir, I stayed creeped out. The relationship with the girl died a quick death shortly thereafter.
Actually, there are 5 of those books in Turkey. The fathers pass them around to keep servicemen away from their daughters.
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