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When I was a teen I used to hang out with the older crowds.

Somehow, they found out about this place I'm about to describe, and we started going there like every other night until this happened.

We used to go there late at night (11pm, 12am, REALLY late at night) and we typically had a group of about 7 or 8 people that went along.

I can't remember the exact city, BUT maybe someone will read this post & know where I'm talking about that can identify it.

It was outside of Kent, OH - Maybe Ravenna or something.


There is this rest stop on the side of the road, not a building or anything - Just like a widened shoulder.

It had a trail that led in to the woods. So one night, we decided to take our stuff & go for a hike to explore.

We loaded up the drinks, flashlights, etc. and one of the older guys carried a pistol, just in case we came across animals or anything like that.

The trail went on for about 2 miles, curving, twisting, winding..

It finally opens up to a HUGE field - literally miles in each direction.

The field has probably a 70 degree incline that goes up about 100 feet.

Once you reach the top, it flattens out for about 300 feet.

After you climb that & walk across, there is another 70 degree incline that goes up about 100 feet and then flattens out, like the first does.

Then, when you travel across that 2nd flattened part, there is a 3rd & final incline - again, about 70 degree angle, and about 100 feet up.

So - we make it to the VERY top of these 3 hills, and at the top, there is a bridge with guard rails & everything, overlooking some kind of lake.

At the left side of the bridge, there is a government building that is protected by 20 foot fences, razor wire, etc. that hangs out over this lake on another side-bridge, I guess you could call it.

Obviously we weren't going to try & get in there, so we started walking down the bridge to the right (the left side ended after the building, so we could only go right)

We walked about 2 miles, and all of a sudden a police car pulls up alongside us.

He asked us what we were doing out there, how we found the place, checked our ID's and that was it.

I found it particularly strange, since I was a minor.. but he let us go on our way & told us to just be careful.

He drives off towards the way we had come from and we didn't think much else about it - YET.

After another 2 or 3 miles, we reached the end of the bridge.

It had collapsed years before in that section. Probably a good half-mile gap to the other side that was still standing.

There is absolutely NO WAY that car came from this way...

Man, I literally just got goosebumps just from recalling this as I type.. creepy..

So anyway - We climbed down the embankment & continued walking across the bottom, along the part that had collapsed.

When we reached the other side that was still standing, we climbed up that embankment & continued on our way.

All of a sudden, my flashlight came across something spray painted on the road in front of us, and we all stopped dead in our tracks.

It said:

"You can smell the tree that Kevin is hanging from"

Right when I read it aloud to everyone, this disgusting smell came over us.

It was the smell of death. (More goosebumps as I type... lol very weird stuff man.. I can remember it like it was yesterday..)

We all turned around & ran as fast as we could, down the embankment, across the bottom, up the other embankment, and the 3 or 4 miles it took to get back to the government building.

So we start making our way back down the fields/hills. As we approached the last hill, we all seen these red, glowing eyes.. Kind of like a dog or something.. but then they just disappeared in to thin air.

We all ran back through the trail as fast as we could. I don't think I've ever done that much consecutive running in my entire life.

We got back to the truck & hauled ass out of there.

I don't know WTF was going on in that area and I don't care to.

Some weird **** took place out there tho..

And to this day, I still have no explanation as to where that police car could have come from.

The building at the left side of the bridge was nowhere near big enough to park a car in, and the bridge just ends in both directions..

I'll see if I can find an overhead view of this place on Google Maps.

If so, I'll label everything & post back with it.

If anyone who lives in that area has been there & knows the place I'm talking about, please chime in so I can try to locate it on Google Maps.

Cuz I'm not finding anything & I don't remember how we got there, so I can't trace it from that road..
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