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Originally Posted by blk69stang View Post
My wife grew up in a small town in central Kansas. She had a weird kid in her High School class (graduated late 90's, early 2000's). Kid was nice enough but just seemed really "off". His last name was Rader.

Yep. His uncle was Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. When he was arrested in 2005, my wife realized that BTK had attended her HS graduation. And she fit the profile of most of his victims. Freaked her out pretty good.

I had one happen to me that I forgot about entirely unil this thread. Living in Yuma during the first year of my current job, I was a single guy living in a cookie-cutter in a nice little subdivision. Wasn't uncommon to have solicitors, but being a grumpy hermit and working alot of night shifts (thus being pissed when they woke me up during the day), I usually sent them packing quickly.

One day, I got the usual mid-day wake-up call from the doorbell. PO'd I looked out the window instead of opening the door (I was still in my sleepwear, didn't feel like answering the door in my undies). I could see a dark SUV parked out front, an Xterra I think. A late 20's or early 30's hispanic guy and a mid 20s hispanic girl were there. "What do you want?" I asked without opening the door. They claimed to be selling Kirby vacuums. Knowing how pricey those are, wanting to go back to bed, and having left my pistol back on the night stand, I told them to piss off and I went back to bed.

Couple days later at work they put out some "officer safety" intel at muster. Apparently, several people in town (to include some fellow agents) had been the victims of a home invasion scheme. A hispanic male and female in a black Xterra were claiming to be Kirby vacuum salespeople, but once the door was opened an accomplice hiding around the corner would emerge and all three would produce guns and tie up the homeowner while they robbed the place. One lady in town had been beaten pretty badly. Kirby vacuum confirmed that no legit salespeople were working in the Yuma area.

And since I'm thinking about Yuma...

At work we have a separate holding area for the "aggravated felons" until they are processed or transferred to another facility. Most look like scumbags, but a few have that "dark eyes, serial killer" look about them. They're the ones that scare the other agg felons.

My wife taught second grade in Yuma, and there was a kid in her class who had that exact same look. There had also been some cats and dogs mysteriously mutilated in the alley near where this kid lived. Even though he wasn't "bad" in class, I know that kid is pure evil. I guarantee you that someday in about 10 years or so you will hear about a serial killer in the Yuma area with the first name "Osvaldo".
Off topic, but do you know about the Yuma "Batman"?
Is he still patrolling? Wouldn't surprise me if he turned out to be some sort of serial rapist/killer...
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