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Originally Posted by blk69stang View Post
My wife taught second grade in Yuma, and there was a kid in her class who had that exact same look. There had also been some cats and dogs mysteriously mutilated in the alley near where this kid lived. Even though he wasn't "bad" in class, I know that kid is pure evil. I guarantee you that someday in about 10 years or so you will hear about a serial killer in the Yuma area with the first name "Osvaldo".
This is freaky. I worked with a guy back in the early 90's at a restaurant in South Florida named Osvaldo Almeida. He was 19 at the time and was already married and had a kid.

Anyway, he and I hung out one afternoon and went to a mall. We are in his car in the parking lot and he tells me he wants to show me something. A bit awkward moment between two guys in a parked car. I mean he is either going to pull out some drugs or his pecker. In this case Ozzie as we called him reached under the seat and pulled out a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum. Meanwhile people are walking by the car and he is waving around a hand canon. I tell him this is a bad idea. So he stashes the gun back under the seat and starts the car. We end up on a road running along a big canal in a wooded area behind a trailer park. The whack job pulls the gun out gets out of the car and shoots twice in the air.

Ozzie gets back in the car without saying a thing we head back to the mall. An hour later I was home and never had anything to do with the guy again. I left the job shortly after. Anyway, about 6 mos. later the tv is on and I am on the phone not really listening to the news when Osvaldo pops up on the screen in a Broward County Corrections outfit standing before a judge. I'm pretty sure I said, "holy ****!" Evidently his wife left him and took his kid. So he starts seeing prostitutes. He shoots two and kills them. Then he kills the manager of a bar who had carded him. All on seperate occasions.

He is serving three life sentences from what I remember. He had been sentenced to death but it was overturned. When you said Osvaldo I almost pissed myself.
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