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So how does that work then, is the carry permit in NYS only valid to carry in that County, or is it valid across the state. If the latter, then why not just rent a small apartment in a pro gun county and get a permit so you can carry in the libertard part of the state?
My understanding is that NYS always issues a full carry permit, but, each county is inclined to add a sportsmans "restriction" based on their own criteria for due cause to issue a full carry permit. From what I understand in Upstate NY almost all permit applicants are issued full carry ( concealed carry only ) permits with no sportsmans restriction. I am in Downstate NY and almost all applicants are issued the same full carry permit , but, with the sportmans endorsement, in effect limiting carry. I think that you can file for a restriction free carry permit but have to show due cause for the restriction to be omitted. I think that there is a business type license for which you can have the permit restriction lifted if you can show that you own a business and carry $4000.00 dollars at least 3 or 4 days a week, but this would only allow you to carry when conducting business. In all of my years in NY, 42, I only know two people with this type of CCW permit in NY. Most people don't apply this way, I think, for fear of denial which can make reapplying difficult. Sorry for the long post, but, I live in a complicated state.

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