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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Wow, that's like... almost unfathomable to have NOTHING after retirement except what you save and invest... almost like some private sector jobs here.
The LE retirement system in my state seems to be tanking and changing their benefits in the last few years to make up for it. They have already changed to not include money made with OT in your benefits, only base salary. And they now base your monthly payoff on an average of the last three years salary instead of your final years salary. That has a lot of guys sticking it out after a promotion for longer than they planned on. BTW these changes are not "as of now" they include everyone that should be grandfathered in.

Me and my wife are acting accordingly and putting away money on or on for retirement. Hopefully I'll still get something out of it, but I have a suspicion that it won't be half what it is supposed to be by the time its all said and done.

I am looking at retirement at age 46 if I stick it out, I doubt I wont have second job after that.
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